Heritage Interiors Designs

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Dena Sampsell

As a child, I  remember reading the book The Boxcar Kids. It was a story of three orphans who were forced to live in a boxcar. I remember thinking if I were in that situation, I would decorate the best boxcar ever by introducing color and adding cozy pieces of furniture! I would make it the best livable space for my siblings. This was my first discovery of loving design. I also have a love of fashion. In high school, I won a beauty pageant, which afforded me the opportunity to model for bridal boutiques and local department stores. Fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand by creating through taste, color, style, and accessorizing. I raised two amazing boys. When they grew up and moved out (as they do!), I realized I needed to get back to my calling...Interior Design! This prompted my enrollment in an advanced design program. I graduated from Heritage School of Interior Design in Oregon. I  am well positioned in assisting clients with revamping their rooms from concept to completion. My philosophy is to never impose my taste upon a client...rather, I will assist them in fulfilling what they desire for a space.